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    (Representing the corporate vision and launch with video, photo and graphic design)

    Has available visual content X

    Visual content is fluent and non monotonic while also being acceptable to the ideas and launch X

    Visuals are in 4K quality X

    Has promotional clips that explains the marketed work in interview style. X

    The quality and content of the clips shot for social media are appropriate X

    Quality and contents of the pictures and posts is appropriate X

    Quantity of the visual content is enough X

    Visual content is suitable for marketing the product X

    Visual content is interesting for target audience X


    (Reaching the potential audience on digital platform with appropriate visual and written content)

    Social media is being used X
    Enough emphasis is given to social media X
    Various application usage for social media X
    Social media is managed by professionals X
    Posting frequently on social media accounts X
    Social media account management in corporate identity X
    Social media accounts are managed according to demographic findings X


    (Determining and reaching the potential customers on all social media focused platforms with softwares and advertisements)

    Pinpoint identification of potential customers X
    Analysis as needed to identify the potential customers X
    Posting as needed to reach potential customer X
    Reaching the potential customers by social media X
    Using applications and softwares to reach the potential customers X
    Using demographics in advertisements to reach the potential customers X


    (Increasing the brand value with simple and clear website and graphic designs on digital platforms)

    Has a website X
    Quality and the contents of the website is appropriate for the business X
    Website is present in the first pages of google X
    Website is advertised in Google Adwords X
    Has logo design X
    Logo design is visually appealing and represents the business X


    (Reporting where the company stands in the digital world by analysing rival companies)

    Have enough information about the rival company. X
    Analysing the works of the rival companies X
    Being at the forefront among the competing companies X
    Features and attributes that distinguish from rival companies X
    Expressing the distinctive features to the potential audience X


    (Creating campaigns, strategys, scenarios and the digital images in order to increases the brand value and sales)

    Brainstorming depending on the functioning of the business X
    Script writing for videos and pictures X
    Post design is suitable to the corporate standards and generate interests among the potential customers X
    Using sale strategies X
    Social media campaigns (giveaways etc.)(çekilişler vs. ) X

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