Digital Media and Brand Management

Creating a strategy by expressing trust with design or preparing the brand for the increase in value with advertising or activating renewal with launch and ideas… Creating a brand, renewing or designing brand new from scratch. It doesn’t matter, we continue to be renewed every moment and we use the power of realization by visualizing.

What is Digital Media?

          Each brand must express and promote itself in order to gain momentum for increasing its awareness and marketing through advertising. These promotions or materials should maintain their authenticity and reflect their attractiveness at all times. At the same time, making up-to-date studies will further increase the attractiveness of the brand.

        With a small sample, the promotional film you are making refers to you, not the current work you have done, but the scope of your work in general. Thus, you will limit the number of people you can reach.

        Macfly Advertising Agency allows you to live in Digital Media at any time. It reflects and makes you live your every moment and every feature in post production using digital media channels. Thus, you are always visible on every platform, you exist systematically and regularly, so you can reach millions on every platform.


Method and Detail

The process of existence in digital media takes 180 days according to our statistics.

1st Month

• There should be a harmony in all content to be shared during the promotion of the brand, in all graphics to be designed and the general appearance of the accounts.

• Themed videos are made to tell the customer that the company is reliable.

• The sections that make the brand a brand are presented in the form of posts.

• At the end of the month, 8 videos and 12 posts are shared on many platforms and goes to the evaluation process for audience analysis.

PS: In the first month Instagram, Facebook and Adwords campaigns are determined according to the feedback from visual posts.

Visual Content

2nd Month

• Interviews, detailed videos and posts that enable the brand to express itself are produced in accordance with Social Media channels.

• The corporate colors of the brand are reflected on all platforms and the corporate structure is designed by us.

• Advertisement management is detailed and it is aimed to continue the promotion through videos that express the brand.

PS: Actual audience analysis is determined at the end of the second month. Until this month, location-oriented work is kept general. At the same time, general reach is also aimed in audience-oriented work.

Social Media Management

3rd Month

• Post clicks published on the Facebook Page, video views and people who interacted with the facebook page, location and audience-oriented advertising work is re-determined.

The stage of reaching the real audience has officially started.

• Location-oriented ads will be narrowed in consideration this month.

• Short and remarkable videos called “viral” are starting to get produced that will spread rapidly among social media users.

PS: Advertisement Management; The interactions of the videos are planned according to the comments and questions.

Evolve into an active profile on social media

4th Month

• Contents are produced according to the questions and comments from the platforms. Reply videos or posts should be entered.

• While the campaigns and packages continue stably every month, a special discount or campaign should be issued this month.

• AdWords-focused campaigns should increase and stay on top of Google can be tested this month.

Video Content Work

5th Month

• It is the time to study the details of any missing or unrealized department or units.

• This month is the time to reveal the brand’s differences and make assertive videos.

• All top videos are prepared and presented this month.

NOTE: Since all the details of the brand are available, promotional films or commercials give the best results this month.

Result-Oriented Brand Management

6th Month

• Each platform of the brand is detailed with meetings for its most regular form.

• Most interacted videos are used for advertisement again.

• Promotion and Advertisement Films are shared to promote the whole country.

• At least at the end of 180 days (the number of content generally increases according to interaction.)

48 Instagram clips (1 min),
90 post,
6 Youtube Clips, (3-4min)
The promotional film (6-7 minutes) will be live on the platforms.

Note: The self-actualization of the promotion and the analysis of the audience reached this month can be calculated clearly.

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